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Motion 5.2.3 для Mac OS X

 Просмотров: 11 Автор: vital
 (Рейтинг: 0.0)

Motion 5 — это расширение творческих возможностей для профессионалов (в большей мере), работающих в программе Final Cut Pro Х. Разработанный для видеоредакторов, ? приложение Motion 5 от Apple позволит вам настроить титры, переходы и эффекты в приложении Final Cut Pro X. Также, Motion 5 поможет создать собственную ослепительную 2D или 3D анимацию, результат которой будет отображён в реальном времени при вашей работе над проектом.

Список изменений:

• Улучшена стабильность при добавлении файлов Photoshop в проект
• Улучшена стабильность при поиске в библиотеках iTunes и Фото
• Улучшена стабильность при использовании команды Undo после разгруппировки родительской группы (parent group)
• Корректное сохранение параметров, заданных в процентах в генераторе Checkerboard при закрытии и открытии проекта
• Корректное сохранение превью шаблона Моушена, созданного на Немецком, Японском или Китайском языках
• Исправлена ошибка, при которой точки кривой Безье некорректно переключались с режима Linear в режим Smooth
• Исправлена ошибка, при которой некоторые объекты в шаблонах Моушена рендерились с мягкими краями (soft edges)
• Добавлено iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro и Apple TV (4го поколения) теперь добавлены в список совместимых Apple Devices в меню Экспорта

Designed for video editors, Motion 5 lets you customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects. Or create your own dazzling animations in 2D or 3D space, with real-time results as you work.

Editor-Friendly Design Tools
• Work fast using a single-window interface with a familiar look and feel
• Customize Final Cut Pro titles, effects, and transitions by opening them in Motion
• Create Smart Motion Templates with simple controls that you can instantly publish to Final Cut Pro X
• Build stunning 2D and 3D compositions with more than 1900 Apple-designed elements
• Make adjustments to any parameter during playback and instantly see results

2D and 3D Titles
• Use basic templates to get started quickly or choose cinematic templates that include beautiful backgrounds and animations
• Easily animate text by choosing from more than 200 text behaviors such as Type On
• Choose from a large collection of text styles to create stunning looks in one click
• Customize 3D titles with unique materials, lighting, and edges
• Save any title and access it directly in Final Cut Pro X

Stunning Effects
• Choose from more than 230 behaviors for natural-looking motion without programming
• Track a moving object in a video clip with the point tracking and match move feature
• Create an accurate chroma key in a single step with the Keying filter
• Apply the Linking behavior to make parameters for one object animate related objects
• Use SmoothCam to eliminate camera jitters, and image stabilization to smooth bumpy shots
• Use third-party FxPlug plug-ins with custom interfaces and dual-GPU support on Mac Pro

Effortless 3D Compositions
• Transition from 2D to 3D space by adding a camera or cameras to any 2D project
• Set up realistic shadows that animate dynamically with the movement of cameras and lights
• Turn any shape, video plane, or paint stroke into a reflective surface
• Track objects or groups of objects with the Camera Framing behavior

Breakthrough Speed and Quality
• Dual-GPU optimizations for superior real-time playback performance and faster rendering on Mac Pro
• 64-bit architecture supports deeper, multilayered effects for use in Final Cut Pro
• ColorSync-managed color pipeline produces accurate, consistent color across applications
• Rendering uses floating-point, linear-light color space for exceptionally realistic results

Quick, High-Quality Output
• Export projects to Apple devices and popular websites such as Vimeo and YouTube
• Choose to output ProRes 4444 video for uncompressed quality at small file sizes
• Send to Compressor to access advanced options for custom encoding

System Requirements: 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K), OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later, 256MB of VRAM (1GB recommended for 4K and 3D Titles), display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher, 3.5GB of disk space. OS X v10.10.4 or later.
Some features require Internet access; fees may apply. Blu-ray recorder required for burning Blu-ray discs.

Что нового в версии 5.2.3

• Improves stability when adding Photoshop files to a project
• Improves stability when searching in iTunes and photo libraries
• Improves stability when using the Undo command after ungrouping a parent group
• Correctly saves percentage-based parameters in the Checkerboard generator after closing and reopening a project
• Correctly saves the preview movie for Motion templates created in German, Japanese, and Chinese
• Fixes an issue in which points on a Bezier shape could incorrectly switch from Linear to Smooth
• Fixes an issue in which some objects within Motion templates render with soft edges
• Adds iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, and Apple TV (4th generation) to the Apple Devices compatibility list in the Share window

Introduced in Version 5.2
Introducing 3D titles
• Beautifully animated and easily customizable 3D text
• Simple templates to get started quickly
• Cinematic templates with built-in backgrounds and animations
• Save any 3D title and access it instantly in Final Cut Pro X
• Large collection of text styles to create stunning looks in one click
• Customize your titles with hundreds of combinations of materials, lighting, and edges
• Additional controls let you adjust environments, shadows, and more
• Instantly convert any 2D title to 3D
• Create advanced 3D looks with multiple materials and edges on each character
• Flexible surface-shading with options for texture maps, diffuse and specular reflection, and bump mapping
• Cast shadows from 3D text onto itself and other objects in a 3D scene
• Add multiple lights, cameras, and tracking to any 3D title
• In-camera glint effects
• Support for sequencing 3D text animations

Additional features
• 12 new generators including Manga Lines, Sunburst, and Spiral Graphics
• Improved keyframing including copy and paste in the Timeline
• Improved mask and shape creation for rectangles and circles plus conversion to bezier shape for more control
• Easily monitor background Share operations from within Motion
• Improved performance on Intel-based GPUs
• Better performance of FxPlug plug-ins and built-in effects that use multiple frames like Echo and Trails

Camera formats
• Panasonic AVC-Ultra codec family
• Sony XAVC-S
• JVC H.264 Long GOP

Год выхода: 2016
Версия: 5.2.3
Разработчик: Apple Inc
Системные требования: Mac OS X 10.10 or later
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблетка: Не требуется
Размер: 1,93 Гб

Скачать Motion 5.2.3 для Mac OS X

Просмотров: 11 | Автор: vital | Коментариев: 0

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